Thursday, June 02, 2011

Co-op Cookin’: Beet Risotto with Goat Cheese

We’re back in the thick of our CSA’s summer share season, and, having been blessed with a really good amount of rain—rain that won’t stop coming because apparently we’re getting Seattle’s weather for a while—it looks like it’ll be a great season.  In recent weeks, we’ve been receiving everything from fava beans and sugar snap peas to beets and cabbage, as well as lots of delicious lettuces, strawberries, cauliflower, and broccoli, plus more types of greens than anyone would want to see written out… I even finally tried roasting fennel, and the dreaded licorice flavor is really tamed down that way, making it nice along with roast chicken.

A few days ago I spied a recipe I just had to try out that very night.  Normally risotto is not a dish I’d make because it’s so time-consuming with all that stirring, but this one takes only a few more minutes than making plain white rice.


I liked this so much, it was all I ate for dinner that night.  Find the recipe HERE.  Yum.

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