Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3rd Grade Grad

Bunny & Mrs. J

It’s already been 1 1/2 weeks since Bunny’s school let out for summer recess.  As always, she was sad to leave her class and teacher behind—she always comes to care for her teachers like family, a sure sign of excellence on their part.

She received her report card that day, and I’m happy to say she’s done great again.  With the exception of writing with clear, legible penmanship, she’s mostly excelling beyond the grade standard.  Here’s the comment on the report card:

Bunny did an excellent job on both her math benchmark exam and language arts summative assessment.  I know she will impress her fourth grade teacher with her work and super attitude next year!

In the past year Bun has learned and grown so much as a person, and we’re very proud of our big girl.

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