Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Brownie to Junior

Yesterday my Brownie Scout morphed into a Junior Scout.

Each girl was called up individually, and Jenni, a troop leader, chose one word or phrase that best described that girl’s unique contribution to the troop, then she read out what two of that girl’s troopmates wrote about her before sending the scout across the bridge to becoming a Junior Scout.  On the other side waited two current Junior Scouts to welcome her and help her shed her Brownie vest and put on her Junior sash to much applause.

bridging 002

I had to chuckle at the word chosen for Bunny: pie.  It is such an odd word, no?  But it really was just the right one, since Bunny has this obsession with pie, to the extent that she has started this whole ‘thing’ among her friends and classmates, where they all say, “I like pie!” all the time, for no apparent reason.  That and “Bob.”  Bunny has started a game that a couple of dozen kids play called Bob Land.  Everyone there is named “Bob,” and… I dunno, it’s apparently the big thing right now.

Jenni chose “pie” not only because Bunny says that word approximately 75,000 times an hour, but because, to her, it exemplified Bunny’s unique ability to lead by not even beginning to conform.  She’s marching steadily to her own inner drum beat, that is for certain.

bridging 005

Bunny was pretty excited to hear her special word.  C’mon… it’s probably her favorite word!  PIE!

bridging 004

Then she crossed that bridge, which was brown on one side and green on the other.

bridging 013

Off came the vest—onto which I had just attached her final 8 try it badges that very day—and on went the green sash.

These girls have grown so much in the past couple of years, and we all got to bring home a slide show with evidence to that very effect.  They all look like babies in photos from fall 2009.  :)

After the ceremony, which was b-o-r-i-n-g for siblings (Bun’s friend Hunter’s sister said she was more bored than a hippopatomus that can’t get into water because it has been jumped on by a grumpy elephant – that’s pretty bored!), came the entertainment.

A magician!

bridging 021

Everyone, from my up-to-that-point wiggly 3 year-old to us parents really enjoyed this show.  He was funny, quick on his feet with some rather rowdy 9 year-olds, and just plain fun.

bridging 062

His routine with Rocky the Raccoon was, by far, the show stopper and made us all laugh and laugh.  I have to give him credit for being super nice to the kids afterwards, too.

Add in a few rootbeer floats and some cookies, and I think it’s safe to say the great occasion of Bridging was a memorable success.  I can’t believe we’re in the home stretch to end of school!

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Suzanne Sergis @ said...

Aw, love the tribute. Congratulations Bunny!!


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