Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Duck, Duck…

Bunny’s in a production of Alice in Wonderland this weekend, and has a couple-few small parts, including a duck.

You know what there are not a lot of?  Duck costumes for people above age 2, that’s what.

Hopefully she’ll enjoy this one I whipped up after googling around for DIY duck costumes.  I found a cute idea on Family Fun, but decided to make her a darker color duck.  Also, I had everything to do this on hand.  If I’d gone the white duck route, that would have meant dragging Cole to a crafts store, and for some reason that is the absolute worst place on earth to take him.  He either wants to break bazillion dollar decor items they put EVERYwhere, or is melting down over a toy or craft he just realized is the missing link to a perfect life.

So, yeah.  I used what I had.  :)


But I think, for a quickie DIY costume, it’s not half bad, and Bunny seems pleased.  She and Carter are looking forward to the day after the play, when they can play ducks.  Hmmm.  Maybe I need to make a couple more of these, ya think?  So my three ducklings won’t fight over the wings and beak.  Yeah.

That definitely means a trip to the crafts store, though.  Yikes.


Still not thinking I’m up for that just right now, but maybe after the weekend and science project is ready to turn in…  I do love ducks.  :)

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