Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snippets::little bits from hither and thither

Some bit-lets that’re not really worthy of a post to themselves, so why not just mish mash them all together like a blog goulash?  ;)


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Carter and Bunny spend a lot of time “together” with art.  There’s often squabbling, but their time together putting color to paper is usually the best they have.


Sometimes, on slow weekend mornings after breakfast has been eaten and cleaned up, I get to join them.  This morning we all painted fish.



Last week we had a more normal February week, meaning it poured most of the time.  Late one afternoon as I was in the garage doing laundry, I looked up to see a rainbow ending in our neighbor’s backyard.  One thing about rain: rainbows.  We have yet to find the pot of gold, though.  :)



Every night as I begin to prepare dinner, I fill one side of the sink with hot soapy water and light a candle.  It’s my little happy place ritual: the water helps me feel motivated to clean up after, since it’s so easy to swish plates around to rinse before loading the washer, and it’s harder to rationalize that old ‘it needs to soak’ bull if it’s been soaking while we eat.  The candle just makes me happy, and I figure if we have an earthquake, it’ll slip into the water and be extinguished. 

Yeah, I do think about these things.  I’m not paranoid about much, but I do respect fire, since it seems to like me.  Seriously – without making sure to be exhaustive, I can say I’ve been in two houses that were on fire, had a dryer fire (only lost the whites load of undershirts and socks with no damage beyond the old dryer), had my car incinerated from a grass fire under it… so I do enjoy candles, but with care.  :)


Yesterday I went grocery shopping for the first time in 10 days.  I’m on a 9-10 day cycle, planning meals for as long as fresh produce can reasonably be held in a fridge before we’re living on canned veggies (blech)… and I am liking the reduced trips to the store—and reduced time spent telling my children to stop acting like they were just let out of cages after months of confinement.  It’s a lot of work getting all the food to a) fit in the cart and b) inside the house then c) put away.  After a while, I just left a bag with all cans on the kitchen floor, meaning to put it away ‘soon.’  I thought I put them away without noticing it (not hard to believe—I forget things all the time), since I found the bag empty as I was cleaning up after dinner, so I folded it and put it with the grocery bags.

This morning I laughed when I opened the fridge.


Cole helped me out by putting ‘away’ the cans.  He’s a good helper, huh?



“Our” ducks are back!  It must be nearly spring… a breeding pair of mallards always stops off at our pool for anywhere from 1-4 days.  They paddle around and waddle to the flower beds to munch away at our plentiful snail population.  Crunch, crunch, quack.


Heidi-Marie said...

Yeah, good luck finding the pot of gold if it's in the hoarder's yard. Though, they do put on a magnificent Halloween display! :)

Farmgirl Susan said...

I love the pool party ducks! :)


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