Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Bit of Spring

Around here trees are starting to blossom (sorry, snowed in people).  Everywhere I walk and drive I see more varieties springing forth with their color, and I love it all.  I even love the acacias, as much as their pollen bothers me—who could begrudge a glorious tree covered with happy yellow blooms?  It doesn’t mean to make me sniffle.  Hate the pollen, not the flowers.  ;)

I love cutting a few branches and bringing their sweet smells inside, but the petals fall off so quickly, the enjoyment is fleeting.  For years I have wanted to make paper blossom branches, and yesterday seemed like as good a time as any to see if at least 2 out of 3 kids were old enough to enjoy the craft--I knew Bun would be down with it, of course.  I clipped a few smaller branches for my kids and two buddies who were coming to play, and one big mamajama for myself.


All 4 older kids did a great job with creating flowers out of tissue paper cut into about 1.5” squares.  I kept my ‘tree’ to one color, but the girls made some really pretty double blooms with both white and pink.  The boys’ branches were a little more sparse, as they really wanted to go play, and I’m not running a crafting sweatshop here (at least I wasn’t that day).  Time flew, and it was time for the playmates to go before we knew it.


I think I’ll move mine around a bit for the next couple of months… maybe putting little vday or easter decorations on it along the way.  Then, when it’s looking old and tired, into the green bin it’ll go.  :)

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