Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Beautiful


I had to share this picture Carter drew at school yesterday of our family.  Carter has been a reluctant artist, being a perfectionist and unable to make his hands draw what his mind’s eye sees.  Recently, he’s finally decided to take a chance here and there and try to draw.  There are many frustrated groans and reams of crumpled paper… and, sometimes, tears.  He tries so hard, and it’s upsetting to him when he simply can’t make it work.  Incorporating a booboo into the work is still unthinkable.  I remember, early in parenthood, trying to contain waste, urging Bunny to not ‘use so much paper,’ but you know what?  Big deal.  Sure, it’d be nice if every piece lived up to its full potential, but, of course, creating is not always about results.

Yesterday as Carter gathered his belongings, he was nearly bursting with pride over this drawing of his family.  From left to right he drew Carter, Cole, Mama, Daddy, and Bunny.  I love that Carter is the tallest of us all, and that he placed me in the middle.  I also love that we’re bald, tunic wearing, and, *ahem*, very tanned.  ;)

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workout mommy said...

awww, thats adorable!

(very tanned, lol!)


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