Monday, March 01, 2010

Working List: Halloween Costumes for Carter

My eldest son is a bit obsessed with Halloween.  Granted, his birthday is the day before, making a holiday most every child loves all the more special to him.

Nearly every day he claims he has changed his mind and has a new idea regarding his costume choice.  His one rule: it must be scary.  So, whenever he sees something that he feels is spooky, he wants to be THAT.

Some ideas are pitched and then abandoned that same day.  Others recur.

Here are a few of his favorites, in the order they came to my mind, which probably makes it close to order of importance or him mentioning it.

The Miner 49er.  Frankly, the concept of my small child walking around looking like a grizzled prospector cracks me up.  How crazy would that be, anyway!?!  I think a large part of the allure, aside from the ‘rrrrrrr!’ noise he makes, is perhaps he could finagle a gadget…

He really wants a miner’s lamp.  A lot.  A lot-a lot-alot.

Classic choice, of course.

Can you tell Carter’s a little bit into Scooby Doo?  This is the mummy who wanted his coin.  Another fun one.

I think maybe he’s seen a commercial for The Wolfman.  In reality, he was scared of the mask last fall when we looked at a werewolf costume, so this seems unlikely.

John Locke—WHEN HE IS THE SMOKE MONSTER.  Carter does not want to be John Locke; he wants to be the monster pretending to be Locke.  Now, wouldn’t that be a fun time costume??  Think he’d let me shave his head??  Other that that, it’s just a dark shirt, haha!

Finally, we watched E.T. for the first time today, and… you guessed it.

This list is sure to be added to, as there are only 9 months until Halloween…  he likes to plan ahead.


Suzanne Sergis said...

How cute that he chooses things to be that scare him instead of letting them scare him away.

My kids watch Scooby Doo all the time. Just saw the Mummy one the other day too. Thank goodness he doesn't want to be the whacked out clown from the circus or the blue robot with the annoying noise announcing he's nearby!

Elle said...

Oh my, he is too much!

Kristianna said...

Oh man, I would have a problem if he wanted to be a clown. I hate clowns SOOOO much!

Heidi-Marie said...

Luke wants to be a Scooby Doo villians as well. BIG TIME Scooby Doo fans here at our house. But he's thinking more along the lines of the Master Mind or Green Ghost or Space Kook (that was my favorite episode as a kid, so I think that one is just to "sweeten me up," as he says)...

But more importantly, what the heck is Carter doing up at 10 pm watching LOST?! {Ha ha!}

Kristianna said...

I watch Lost On Demand with the kids one evening every week at about 7 p.m.--one I already have seen to make sure it's not too scary etc.

We're not quite that night owlish here. :)


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