Monday, March 22, 2010

Red & Sweet

To some (okay most) people it may seem odd that I buy food from people who walk around with a wagon.  There’s the tamale guy, who sells the best homemade tamales 4 for $5… that’s not to be passed up, I tell you!  And there is our favorite: strawberry lady.  It’s always the same very sweet gal, who brings berries that are sweeter and more ripe than you’d ever buy in the store, because, to varying degrees, there they care more about shelf life than taste.

Strawberry lady’s berries have a life span of perhaps 36 hours… but that is merely speculation on my part, because we can gobble half a flat—6 very full pints—in 24 hours with no effort.  My uber picky 4 yr old will only eat her berries.  Everyone else will tolerate a mere store berry, but we all know the best stuff when we come across it.  We do live near the strawberry capital of the universe, after all!

Cole, the strawberry vampire.

Think I can bribe her to come more than once every 6 weeks or so?  I sometimes pass a “Super Sweet” black label berry from Trader Joe’s off as from the strawberry lady, but only if he doesn't see the package… this boy is brand loyal, I tell you.  :)

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