Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not So Big, in Some Ways

My big toddler with a little voice… it’s easy to forget how young he is sometimes. He’s so tall and large, and verbally, he’s also miles ahead of where Carter was at the same age. He keeps up with his older siblings perfectly fine, too, running, whooping, and displaying glee in most situations that might intimidate some children.

However, sometimes the evidence is overwhelming: he’s a little guy.

The other day we stopped to admire the snails as they marched back from the lawn to shady areas, and I could not resist snapping a few shots.

I like a lot about this photo, but the detail I love most is Cole’s chin. All jokes about his robust appetite aside, the drool bespeaks of one thing to me. He’s still so little that, when fascinated by something, he forgets to swallow and a stream of drool makes its way on out.

Cole had a great time with this, and the three other snails slowly making their way under the bushes, touching the shell, exclaiming when its owner recoiled, and marveling at their tennas. It was but a moment, but one I am glad I caught on camera.


Suzanne Sergis @ said...

I loved that picture when I first saw it. I didn't even notice the drool, either, until I read about that part. What caught my eye the most was his up close & personal viewpoint and the look of happy curiosity on his face. It's a great pic, even for someone who wasn't there in the moment.

It also explains the snail in your new header image. When I saw that yesterday, I thought "Ewww, snail. But it is a pretty image. Maybe she likes snails or is just happy about spring/gardening." LOL!

Kristianna said...

I don't like holding creepy crawlies, but I love the kids' fascination and discovery of them. :) You might remember the itty bitty frogs from last summer. :)

Denise said...

This is a priceless shot. I'd get it enlarged, frame it and hang it on the wall... not very often one captures an image like this!


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