Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cookie Pops

Cookie Pops, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Talk about your easy variation on something simple, that results in delight for children: cookie--on a stick! These were ridiculously quick and uncomplicated. If you can bake a cookie, you can make a cookie pop, as long as you have the sticks.

These used the larger size that were already lying around, left over from The Great Cupcake Pop Spree of March Ought-9, and I used a packaged cookie mix--the entire stick of butter called for makes 'em taste homemade, but without any fuss, which makes it also a reasonable "I wanna help" project with small kids. The only adjustment I made to baking was to set the oven down to 365 instead of 375, because either my oven runs hot or my dark pan browns cookies too quickly. After they cooled, each little guy was tucked into its own little cellophane bag... presto, cookie pops!

Kids love treats that have wrappers and sticks. You can embroider that on a pillow, I promise. It's just the truth.


Steena Holmes said...

Do you have a recipe for these cookies????

Kristianna said...

Oh man, seriously, the recipe is buy the bag of cookie mix, prepare according to directions! :D I like to make scratch cookies for Christmas, but the rest of the time I gladly take the easy route, as the Duncan Hines (I think that's the one) that calls for a stick of butter really does come out very tasty and homemade.


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