Sunday, November 01, 2009

Carter's Cupcakes

Carter's Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

I wanted to make some special cupcakes to take to the pumpkin carving party at Christ's house this year. It was on the same day as Carter's birthday, and of course, you have to have cake on your birthday!

In a perfect world, I'd have found time to make the cupcakes he's been eyeing for months. But in the real world -- the one where I have been chasing tail all week -- I had to settle for these. I made 'em, but from a mix. I decorated 'em, but with store bought picks.

In the end, Carter had a blast. He got cake. And he gets MORE next weekend when his party is held. Now, for me to figure out what kind I will make that day, and to find time to decorate it in a manner more befitting the world's most wonderful little four year old stinker... but, really, as long as there is chocolate involved, I know he'll like that, too.

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