Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Visit to Winter

Ah, President’s Week… and a trip to the snow.


In all the times I’ve been to Lake Tahoe, I’ve rarely found myself by the lake itself. We always had our eyes on the mountains on the slopes. So, this year we stayed in Tahoe Keys in a rental a short walk from the lakeshore.


It’s always a bit if a leap when you blindly choose a place to stay, but how can you go wrong when there is a trout *or* bass lamp?? Really, the home was well-appointed, and usually if we could not find something we wanted it was just because we’d not tried enough drawers.033


A walk in nearly any direction was rewarded with beautiful sights.

We got in after 1 a.m. the first night and were too tired to organize ourselves the next day, so it was nice that we could just walk out the door and play when the urge struck.


When you’re only learning how to stand on a board, you don’t need much of a hill.


The next day we did get to Adventure Mountain, and we all careened down the hill a few times, but the kids really just wanted to play in the snow. Paul hit the nail on the head at one point when he said he felt the snow had the same value proposition as sand to our kids. But it was cold, so.. different! ;)



Parking lot tailgating, Paul’s request.


Bunny made a little snow bunny with pine ears.


We brought our Atari and ultimately, once again, let our cities perish in Missile Command. (Note: Paul finds it unhelpful when you randomly cry out for the people of NY, LA, etc as the nukes fall.) Carter remains the household Centipede champ.



I helped the kids make this fort with the slushiest of “Sierra cement”, and it held together with a wish and a hope until it froze solid-solid-solid overnight and was perfect the next day as fresh snow fell.


Bunny was lucky enough to meet up with a close friend and spent the night with that family, so the boys had the snow field all to themselves the next morning. They made use of that freedom by concocting a game big sister would have denied—knocking the head off the snowman as target practice.



giggling because he just nailed me…



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Roberthussy said...

Many videos has nothing to do with our visit with Winter, but I saw it on Youtube this morning. It is a great example of the amazing ways that dolphins interact — not just with each other or with humans — but also with other animals.



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