Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Ruins

Like all kids, mine love climbing and scrambling, so the Miller Estate ruins are a hit with us. We hiked there early-ish Saturday morning and mostly had it all to ourselves.

Misc & Mt. Madonna 171

Misc & Mt. Madonna 174

Misc & Mt. Madonna 192

Misc & Mt. Madonna 210

We hiked back to camp for lunch, but Paul, who’d been feeling under the weather since midway into our hike could not eat. It became obvious that it was his turn with the stomach bug that all the kids had been taking turns getting for the prior week and a half. So, he needed to spend some time ruined, too. I was very thankful that I like “easy” camping for our family, and that we were in a comfy yurt in gorgeous woods, so the kids and I stayed outside setting up dinner and making a fire. Paul said he was as comfortable as he’d have been at home, and I made sure the kids still go to make s’mores, etc.

Misc & Mt. Madonna 235

The next morning Paul was largely recovered and we still had one more thing on our do list, archery!

Misc & Mt. Madonna 243

After a hearty breakfast, we packed everything up and headed over to the range…
to be continued (one last time)…

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