Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bulls eye!

Sunday morning we awoke in our yurt at Mt. Madonna, and the air was clear, the birds were chirping, and my children--Carter in particular--were dying to unleash their inner Robin Hoods.

Misc & Mt. Madonna 259

Bunny had been briefly taught archery at girl scout camp, Paul and I had been taught a little in our own childhoods, but this was all new for the boys. Carter’s not in the best “continual listening and rule-following phase” so we had one bow to share between us all this first time. It worked out well, since everyone needed little breaks after shooting a dozen or so shots.

Misc & Mt. Madonna 257

Misc & Mt. Madonna 266

Misc & Mt. Madonna 250
psst: Paul has quite the collection of “old man” hats going…

Misc & Mt. Madonna 277

Misc & Mt. Madonna 291
hard to make out here, but Paul’s impressed how well Cole drew the bow and he hit the target first try (with a little help)

Misc & Mt. Madonna 292

Misc & Mt. Madonna 303

Misc & Mt. Madonna 254

Misc & Mt. Madonna 296

Misc & Mt. Madonna 275

All in all, I’d say stationary paper caribou are safe from our family, though Paul and I did have some decent shots after warming up. It was a lot of fun trying something new!


P.S. How rad is this camper? It was a few sites over from us, and the owners said it’s a ‘67 Corvair. My kids loved it because it smiles. :)
Misc & Mt. Madonna 247

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