Sunday, July 15, 2012

Farm in the City

EmmaPrusch 019

Yesterday we mostly wanted to be homebodies but managed to quickly go out and play at Emma Prusch Farm Park. I think we took Bunny to a playgroup event of some sort back when she was about 2 or 3, not that she could possibly remember that, so it’s was new to us.

It’s a nice little place overall. Carter wished the animal area allowed petting, but we can always go to Happy Hollow to pet goats, etc. I think I liked the fruit orchard the most, and we tried acai berries (SO sour but still pleasant) and the few ripe mulberries we could reach. Cole really wants a mulberry tree now. :)

A few photos…

EmmaPrusch 002  EmmaPrusch 007

EmmaPrusch 022  EmmaPrusch 025

EmmaPrusch 036

this goose made me laugh as it hustled by at breakneck pace

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