Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cookin’ the Book: Pioneer Woman’s Pots De Creme

Bunny10thBday 004
working my way through a new cookbook… this time it’s the second Pioneer Woman cookbook.
Bunny’s birthday was on Saturday, but her party was Sunday. She’d had me deliver tiny cherry pies to her class the day before, and cake was going to be at the party, so it was a perfect time to try out something a little different. I figured the oven could use a break (or maybe it was me that could use the break), so we went for this no bake dessert. The only time necessary is the few hours for it to set up in the fridge.
We liked the mocha flavor that the strong coffee gives to this recipe, but I felt it would have been better if it were more custardy… or more mousse-like. Prepared per the recipe’s instructions, it seemed a bit too loose in consistency.
Not that it kept us from gobbling it down. It is delicious, and easy.
Bunny10thBday 010
PSST: If you want to try it out, the recipe is HERE.
I’m going to try a baked version sometime to see how I feel about the difference. Maybe this one by Martha. I also have some white chocolate nuts here, and that could be a fun variation, maybe with some pistachios.

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