Tuesday, April 12, 2011

snippety snippets


Bunny-ball season has opened ‘round these here parts.  Oddly, the ball has grown, upping the difficulty.



One Friday Paul grabbed a couple of beers from beer-thirty at work and brought them home to share one with me.  We had 90 degree temps that day, so it was a Hoppy Ending to the day, indeed.  How funny is that label, anyway?



Earlier that same day, the boys and I went early to surprise Bunny at Girls on the Run practice.  They got bored of bothering her, and hit the playground a little, but mostly partook of the water fountain.  It is a known fact water from a fountain is the sweetest, most refreshing you can find.


Cole tried his best to fill his camel hump, he guzzled so much, while Carter cooled off all over.


They played just a bit more after big sis was done, then we went home to get in the pool.  I even got in – to my waist.  I remember playing in the pool in the spring while it was being filled with well water from a hose and loving it, but my blood is too thin now.  Brrr!




Young kids are such eager helpers.  While their older sister is growing into pre-tween induced immunity to helpfulness, the boys insist on helping—whether I want it or not.  It’s a challenge some days to include them.  Misting the flowers and sweeping with kid-sized brooms keeps ‘em happy and feeling like they’re contributing while we parents wield loppers and the scary pruning shears.




There is nothing like a large box.  Instead of the millions of toys they have, Santa really should just hang out by the loading dock at an appliance store and bring my kids big boxes.  The kids have been playing with this one for a week, and it’s almost ready to be cut up for the recycling cart.  They’ve been dragging every cushion and pillow they can find in to make a Napping House, where naps never seem to happen.  It’s been making me crazy—the mess of half the house being pulled apart, the quarrels over whose house it is or isn’t… but to each kid’s life, a big box must come every once in a while.



Colored bubbles are really pretty and crazy-messy.



At least they’re washable.


“Bunny, don’t let your mom buy those again,” said Paul.  ‘Cause he knows it was totally my idea to buy three bottles on a whim.  I am a sucker for these kinds of things.  :)

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Amanda said...

I have a Cole too. It looks like you guys are enjoying some fantastic warm weather! I'm jealous...but we'll get there eventually. You have some very nice pictures on your blog.


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