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Guess who turned 9 last week?  Guess who requested key lime pie for her birthday treat?

You only turn 9 once, so if the birthday girl wants key lime pies, then consider it done.  The recipe is in The Martha Stewart Cookbook, and it is delicious.

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I schlepped all the pies and whipped cream, plates, forks, wet wipes into her room at school about 15 minutes before dismissal.  Bunny’s teacher had a couple of things left to do, so I set up the pies in the back while the kids tried their best to pay attention.

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I don’t get to go to her class often, and am glad to have been able to fill her order and give Bunny what she wanted.


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Later that day/evening, we had our little family celebration at home.  Birthday girl chose Chinese for dinner, something we had not had since the summer before, so it was a real treat for us all.  Paul is very sensitive to Chinese food, so we try to avoid it, but sometimes, you just gotta indulge.  :)

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Speaking of “indulge,” how ya like that portion of cake Daddy served to Bunny?  Her final culinary request was chocolate mocha cake.  I had spent so many hours making pies, the cake was almost an afterthought to us all.  (Bunny likes pie much more than cake, truth be told.)

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Daddy’s cake portions were equally generous with everyone.  I think the kids will want him to slice cakes from now on.  :)

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After cake, it was time for the main attraction: presents!  Bunny was delighted with everything, and her loved ones showered her with gifts.

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Breyer horses have been free range in her room for a few months now, but no longer!

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Grandpa Alan sent a box chock full of treats, from a Happy Potter box set, to…

bunnybday2011 044

cold hard Bunny Money…

bunnybday2011 042

…to this.  (She’ll grow into it.)  :)

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Grandma & Gramps set up Bun’s American Girl Doll with her own horse, which Bunny named Shelby.  Kit (the doll) also got a pet dog, Grace.  Earlier in the day Bunny just had to open a couple of presents, she was going present crazy… so she opened one from her Aunt, an adorable Webkinz pomeranian, she immediately named Princess.  Carter and Cole also gave her a joint gift: another webkinz—a deer named Bambi.  Bunny has a menagerie of Webkinz, and loves them all.

Bunny says she had a great birthday, and I hope so.  She’s getting so big, it’s hard to believe she ever was a tiny infant, swaddled tightly in our arms.  She still gets her snuggle time, but she barely fits in my lap.  It’s incredible to think in 3-4 years she could well be taller than me.  (Not a huge feat, but still!)

Happy Birthday Bunny, we love you very much!

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Heidi-Marie said...

Happy Birthday, Bun! Love, Lily & Luke


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