Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This guy here…

…woke at 2:15 this morning.


He needed a full change and was wide awake when I got him into new dry jammies.  I was not quite ready to get up for the day, so I hoped he’d snuggle up against me and sleep.

2:20     I very love you, Mama!  (I kiss him and say, “Let’s rest some more.”)
2:23     I need to rock!  I need to rock!  (This, complete with horizontal dancing.)
2:25     Fake snoring noises.
2:30     He knocks on the head board and says, What’s that noise??
2:45    I… can’t sleep!   IIIIIII can’t sleep.  (Sung, naturally.)
2:45 – 3:15:  more of the above
3:15     We get up and I take his little butt to the living room, put on Oswald on Noggin, and I try my damndest to doze.

4:15     This time, Carter.  He’s had an accident and joins the party after Paul helps him change.
4:20 – 5:00  Kill me now.  The only thing that makes me smile, briefly is remembering a line from Dharma & Greg where Greg thinks the song from the 80s goes, “I want to rock all night, and PART OF everyday.”  That is how stupid-tired I am at the moment—I’m thinking about terrible 90s sitcoms.

Miraculously I did catch a final hour of sleep before 6:15, but damn.  Now, of course, both boys are asleep.  They seem to have not gotten as much rest as they needed last night for some reason.  ;)

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