Tuesday, April 14, 2015


In the heart of downtown Key West, The Earnest Hemingway Home was built in the 1850s to be the grandest home in town by a wealthy man with a large family. Tragically, he lost his family, and the home fell in to disrepair, rumored to be haunted or cursed. Earnest Hemingway and his wife Pauline restored the home to its former grandeur.

For my family, it was really nice to be in lush, tropical gardens once again. The home is located on a full acre, so there is a roominess you rarely feel in a city.

FloridaKeys2015 102

FloridaKeys2015 105 FloridaKeys2015 113

The kids were fascinated by the six-toed cats. Honestly, they were, oh… nearly identical to ordinary cats, aside from the silly looking feet.

               FloridaKeys2015 116

It was a fun way to spend an couple of hours while wandering downtown Key West. We think we’d like to try one of the trolley tours sometime, too—maybe a haunted one. :)

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