Monday, September 30, 2013


Every Sunday, whether we want to or not*, we make a point to spend the afternoon enjoying it as a family. With so many new places to explore, and a keen awareness that these warm days are not going to last forever, Paul and I insist on it. Two weekends ago we really felt like a day at the beach, but we also really didn’t feel like being in the car for hours. This area is chock-full of lakes, ponds, and rivers, and some even have beaches, so we spent a little while researching and settled on Jordan Lake.

*I say “whether we want to or not” because there is always someone who resists, claiming they’d rather spend the day reading/watching TV/playing yet more video games, and you’d think we’re taking them to a tax audit the way they complain, but they always are happy when we’re out, and they’d be climbing the walls and complaining of boredom by mid-afternoon if we did just sit around doing nothing anyway. Plus, we tend to relax a lot on Saturday as well as Sunday morning… so…

A short ~25 minute drive away, if you take the scenic route, Jordan Lake has a couple of beaches, and the one we chose was Ebenezer Church Road Beach. It didn’t disappoint.

JordanLake 008

JordanLake 010

JordanLake 019 JordanLake 050

JordanLake 061

JordanLake 085

There is a playground right by the beach, which Paul obligingly took the boys to a good half dozen times during our few hours there. Though, I don’t think he minded, as I saw him go down the slide more than once. ;)

JordanLake 091

JordanLake 180

JordanLake 195

The lake bottom is covered in pockets of gooey, fairly high quality clay, which the kids must’ve spent over an hour playing with, first making lumps, then giving them faces and personalities.

JordanLake 211

JordanLake 225

JordanLake 243

Bunny named her lump Roberta.

JordanLake 244

We’re definitely going to return…

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