Thursday, August 08, 2013


Cole began taking Shotokan Karate when he turned 5. Being a big boy who always seems to be on the tail end of *some* new growth spurt, we felt that, along with soccer for conditioning, karate would help him with body awareness and coordination. After some research, our family decided upon Camp Carter International.

For 7 months, Cole went every Monday and Wednesday night, and eagerly. He’s our “participator” child. (Thank goodness we got one!) He loves an organized performance, a team event, and being told his day is, well, much more full than his siblings do. Some evenings Cole would be so tired after class, that he’d take a bath and pass out on the sofa watching Doc McStuffins (last kiddie show before bedtime), and we’d have a blast trying to navigate his mostly sleep walking self up the ladder into his bed. He loved it when he was covered with sweat after class.

Moving is too full of goodbyes, and Cole had to say “Goodbye” to Sensei James and Sempai Charlie the other week. Sensei indulged us with a few photos for Cole to look at and remember his first karate dojo as he grows up. We’re planning for Cole to continue with a local dojo this fall. Oss!




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