Monday, June 24, 2013


The campground where we stayed near Lassen had a lot of fun things to offer. The playground was suited better to smaller children, but there was also tetherball, basketball, corn hole, horseshoes (horrifying with a 5 yr old—at least my 5 yr old), volleyball, and a newly built 16’ tall tree swing in the woods.

My family high-tailed it to that thing on the first afternoon, and had to return again before we returned home. Cole was intimidated by the height and was happy to watch.

Mt Lassen 097

Mt Lassen 103

Mt Lassen 105

Mt Lassen 127

Mt Lassen 301

Mt Lassen 311

Mt Lassen 313

Mt Lassen 322

Mt Lassen 337

Mt Lassen 339

Mt Lassen 380

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Heidi-Marie said...

Ohmygosh! That looks like *SO* much fun!


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