Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Any Sammich is a Good Sammich

this was going to be a different kind of sandwich before I noticed a
lonely container with a mishmash of fajitas toppings lurking in the fridge

I have something in common with Joey Tribbiani. I loooo -ove a sandwich. If I had to choose, a ham & baby swiss on some bread that contains bunches of nuts and seeds with all right toppings would be an okay food to eat every day for the rest of my life. That’s my all-time favorite, but I do like variety. I still have the “issue” where I forget I should eat while I’m feeding everyone else (though, I did totally cut out that stupid “garbage disposal” behavior of nibbling crusts, I guess, so there is that…) and “something on bread” is my go-to. I love the small ‘boule’ loaves of sourdough from Trader Joe’s and easily can eat about half a loaf, schmeared with this or that.

Hmmm. Maybe I really like bread. And condiments, plus fillings. Wait, that’s a sandwich, so we’re back to me loving sandwiches again. Can’t fight it, I guess.

We had fajitas (I also am a sucker for anything on a tortilla!) for Cinco De Mayo and today the last of the left-over toppings made their way onto an English muffin (scratch recipe HERE). I find I’m generally happiest if I eat one protein-rich meal a day, with the rest being lower down on that old, discarded food pyramid, so this was just what I needed to refuel: good fats, grains, and tomatoes. Nibble, nibble, nibble. I wish I had more leftover toppings now…

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