Monday, April 15, 2013

Mysterious Adventures in Spring Break

The last day of Spring Break, I allowed Cole to play a little longer at preschool and ran off with the older kids to visit a bit of local legend: The Winchester Mystery House. I’d visited years ago, back when you could take photos here and there—I truly don’t recall any prohibition, so I’m including my own old photo from then for one interior shot [the quality of a disposable 35mm film camera’s photos will probably give them away or I need to take some lessons to make my DSLR more useful to me!]—and it was fun to see the kids as they listened to the stories, while I mostly ogled the details in the house like mouldings, Tiffany windows, and wall papers.

For a bit of fun, you can also see the least likely to be true expose I could find on the topic HERE. :)

WinchesterMysteryHouse 004

WinchesterMysteryHouse 011
this is a photo of both Bunny and Carter – see if you can find the little booger… look hard…

Then we got a little silly…
WinchesterMysteryHouse 016

You’re right – I should just package these up into a winning photo essay entitled: How to Photograph Your Kids When in the Witness Protection Program.

WinchesterMysteryHouse 029

WinchesterMysteryHouse 032

WinchesterMysteryHouse 036

WinchesterMysteryHouse 046

And for a giggle, and a peek at my favorite windows in the house (saying something there), voila:

1998, baby! I believe this was pre “choose your rise jeans.” I sure hope so, at least.

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