Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012’s Ornaments

Every year each child is allowed to choose their own ornament to add to our tree, with the intention they’ll have them to start out their own trees as adults. Presenting this year’s winners:

Bunny’s obsessed with Duck Dynasty, and this “duck hunter” was a no-brainer.

Carter chose a sweet knitted owl, which is funny because he really encouraged his brother to pick Darth Vader.

However, Cole opted for this cheerful sledding Spongebob.

Last year we had a flocked tree, but we missed the fragrance of a cut tree and stuck with “no frosting” this time around. We usually like to put up the tree the first weekend of December, but this year it poured for days and it was the 9th before the kids and I headed out to fetch a beautiful grand fir.

I always seem to buy a tree that’s too big in some way. Last year we couldn’t fit the topper on because Yeti was so tall. This year the trunk was so fat at the base Paul had to saw off a good 8”. “It’s funny, honey, normally you would say no to me using a saw in the living room,” he said as he lopped off branches and sawed away with a bow saw while sitting in the time out chair. Bunny drew a face on the amputated segment, named it Steve or Bob or something like that and placed “him” under his “mama.”



P.S. In November Carter came upon the idea of painting walnuts gold for holiday decorations. So, we have little piles of gold walnuts all over the place…

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