Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

Tomorrow it’ll be a week since the last day of school, and I swear I’m only starting to recover—from that, and of course, camping. When did  the last week of school become such a to-do? Actually, it’s more like the last two weeks of school, which is now some extended celebration and teacher appreciation extravaganza. I kind of think it’s because STAR testing (our SOLs) is over in early May, and I don’t begrudge it as much as I wonder when this happened, or if I was just not noticing it when I was in elementary school (totally possible). At any rate, bear with me as I catch up chronicling all the special fun.

A week after Crazy Socks Day, which was… ya know… socks… but crazy!… it was time for Crazy Hair Day. Carter usually doesn’t want to have anything to do with crazy days. (With the socks, he considered wearing brown socks, the NUT! I think I said, “Whoa, hold on, let’s not get too crazy there!”) He wants to be normal, thanks.

However, all the kids were excited about this one, so we bought a few colors of spray on color and I died of fume inhalation covering their heads. I’m now a ghost writing this.  Boooo-oooo, oogey-boogey.



049   050

Carter elected for a subtle blue with glitter overlay, while Bun asked for half purple, half blue, yellow polka dots and glitter.


Sometimes little brothers like to have crazy hair, too, and Cole wanted a variation of Bun’s ‘look.’ Me, I had ‘crazy left had day’ since I shielded their faces, etc., with that hand. Go me! ;)

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