Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Now that we’re all settled in with Bubo the world’s most spoiled guinea pig, it’s probably time to upgrade to a large sized one, amiright?


Lookit! Just like a humongous guinea pig!


And it swimses all around! It could live in the pool! I think I’ll call her Cappy.

Actually, Paul and I googled and apparently it’s frowned upon (aka not legal) to own a capybara in our town. There go my dreams of a 50 pound version of Bubo ranging around the pool, I guess.  Hmph. Though, if it were legal, I bet our neighbors down the street would already have one, and a perfect backyard oasis set up to go with the rest of their menagerie. This is a quote, given to me without irony, looking me in the eye: Don’t ever buy a pig from the flea market. They grow up to be real big.

Words to live by, man. Wise words.

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