Tuesday, June 09, 2009

No more lunch packin’… for a while!

Monday I packed the last lunch of the school year! While I am very happy to be able to put the time and effort into ensuring Bunny has a healthy, delicious meal away from home, it’ll be nice to slack off for a while. I’ll be packing a snack for her to eat on the beach daily when Little Guards is back on our schedule beginning in late July, but for now, I’m happy to feel done. So little with parenting ever seems done! :)

Here’s a look back. I am extremely pleased with the Laptop Lunchbox, and highly recommend it.


The lunchbox is stowed away for summer vacation. Amazing to already have first grade all but past tense.


Laurie said...

I am so sick of packing lunches! Its like the bane of my existence right about now, I'm sick of it, out of ideas and just want summer to be here.

Look at all those lunches though - you are so much more creative in the food department than I am :)

Kristianna said...

Well, check in with me in about 10 years and we'll see how I'm doing with 3 kids daily... I *hope* can keep up the good work, but who knows! I burn out on things. :)


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