Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I have muscadines on the brain. Everywhere I go here I see them in the store. I even came across an arbor full of them at Mordecai House.

Next summer I’m going to be all over these bad boys. Even though it was created at Hacker Dojo, the place my husband frequented when we lived in Silicon Valley, I resisted Pinterest for the first many months or so it was out—who needs another social network to keep up with, I thought... Then, I relented, and now I ♥ it. No more bookmarks! I’ve been using Pinterest for a long time, I guess, and I use it mainly for recipes, which I used to bookmark or print out, and I no longer have to dash back and forth to the computer to look at the recipe, since: tablet app.

It’s also really east to fall down the rabbit hole of finding more-more-more on nearly anything my brain can’t stop thinking about, like muscadines. A couple of keystrokes and clicks and—voila, more ways to use them than I’d ever considered possible.

Here are a few pins I had to add to the two thousand I have at this time. (Yikes, that seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But, I really do make a lot of the recipes I pin, really, I do…)

If these are half as good as they look, we're in for some treats!

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